Oral and Poster Presentation Schedule

S.No. Presentation ID Abstract ID Presenter Name Place Topic
1. Day 3: 11th February 2019
Session XII
01:45PM to 3:15PM
BOP01 ABS0045 Sandeep Choudhary INMAS,DRDO, Delhi Radioprotector Development with Mechanistic Understanding for Melatonin and Sesamol
2. BOP02 ABS0003 M R Ambika PES University, Bangalore A Novel Material for Shielding of High Energy Ionising Radiations
3. BOP03 ABS0026 Noopur Gupta INMAS, DRDO, Delhi Role of Microflora in HDAC Inhibitor Trichostatin A (TSA) Mediated Radiomitigation in GI Tract of C57BL/6 Mice
4. BOP04 ABS0042 Shweta Kulshrestha INMAS, DRDO, Delhi Topical Application of the Synthetic Phosphodiesterase-5 Inhibitor Hydrogel Formulation Protects Rats from Radiation-Induced Dermatitis
5. BOP05 ABS0019 Ram Milan Sahani DRDO Jodhpur Doped Zno Nanorods for Detection of Alpha Radiation
6. Day 3: 11th February 2019
Session XII
01:45 pm to 03:15 pm
BOP06 ABS0052 Haizana Hairuman Malaysia Radiological Emergency Response Plan: Medical Physicist Experience and Awakening in Selangor State, Malaysia 
7. BOP07 ABS0011 Kulbhushan Prajapati DRDO Jodhpur ‘Trape’: Software to Estimate Nuclear Explosion Thermal Radiation Parameters
8. BOP08 ABS0033 Dinesh Gupta DRDO Jodhpur Hybrid Microcircuit Technology Based Small Module for Wide Gamma Dose Rate Measurement Using Dual P-I-N Diode Sensor
9. BOP09 ABS0047 Deepak Thaper Panjab University, Chandigarh Misadministration of Radiation Dose due to Interplay Effect in Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy of Liver Cancer
10. Day 2: 10th Feb 2019
Session IX
03:40 pm to 04:10 pm
OP1 ABS0030 Himmat Singh Chaudhary DRDO Jodhpur Plastic Scintillator Based Radiation Contamination Monitoring Systems
11. OP2 ABS0004 Jain Reji George BRIT/DAE, Mumbai Mitigation of Emergency Situations in Radiation Processing Plant: 2 Decades of Experience
12. OP3 ABS0041 AMIT ALOK INMAS, Delhi Cytogenetic methods in Biodosimetry for radiation emergency management
13. Day 2: 10th Feb 2019
Session X
06:15 pm to 06:45 pm
OP4 ABS0059 Ramesh Desai IMT Manesar, Gurgaon, Haryana Justification of Exposure in the Ionising Radiation Medical Exposure (IRMER) MALTA 2003
14. OP5 ABS0017 Surendra Singh Barala DRDO Jodhpur Polymer Composites For Shielding Of Mixed Radiations
15. OP6 ABS0028 Teena Haritwal INMAS,DRDO, Delhi Radiomitigative Activity of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor in C57Bl/6 Mice Testis
16. Day 3: 11th Feb 2019
Session XI
12:00 pm to 01:00 pm
OP7 ABS0013 Manjeet Kulhar DRDO Jodhpur Simulation of Radfet Response to Gamma Radiation using Geant4
17. OP8 ABS0065 Athiyaman.M SPMC & AG Hospitals, Bikaner Successful Telecobalt Source Replacements as Radiation Protection Officer-An Overall Experience and Challenges
18. OP9 ABS0021 T.M. Ashraf (Mohamed Ashraf T) BRIT, Kota , Rajasthan Radiological Challenges in Production and Supply of High Intensity Co-60 Sealed Sources
19. OP10 ABS0009 Satish Nigam Nayati Health care and Research PVT LTD, Mathura, U.P An Epidemiological Overview Approach Of Cancer Burden In India : Challenges Ahead
20. OP11 ABS0006 Ravindra M Samarth Bhopal Memorial Hospital Research Centre, Bhopal, M.P Establishment of Biodosimetry Laboratory At BMHRC, Bhopal: Quality Assurance And Capacity Building
21. OP12 ABS0064 Shuchi Bhagi INMAS, Delhi Triage Biodosimetry for Emergency Management: Current status and Future Prospects
22. Day 1: 9th Feb 2019
Session VI
05:30 pm to 06:45 pm
BPP01 ABS0060 Akanchha Mani Tripathi Gorakhpur Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Sesamol on Radiation Induced Inflammation in Mice
23. BPP02 ABS0066 Vandana Nunia University of Rajasthan, Jaipur The role of Human papillomavirus infection in head and neck cancer and its impact on radiotherapy outcome
24. BPP03 ABS0056 Alka Kataria PGIMER, Chandigarh Evaluation of on-board Cone Beam CT Hounsfield Units for Treatment Planning Using Rigid Image Register ration
25. BPP04 ABS0053 Kiran Maan INMAS, DRDO, Delhi Comparative NMR Urine Metabolomics of Whole Body and Partial Body Radiation Exposure
26. BPP05 ABS0031 Lalit Panwar DRDO, Jodhpur Development of Laundry Contamination Monitoring System
27. BPP06 ABS0057 Pratishtha Sharma PGIMER, Chandigarh Quantification of Millenium 120 MLC Positional Error During Rapid Arc Using MLC DynaLog Files And Matlab
28. BPP07 ABS0027 Nikita Goyal INMAS, DRDO, Delhi Radiomitigative Effect of EGCG, Major Polyphenol of Green Tea Extract
29. BPP08 ABS0014 V K Mahala
(Ram Milan Sahani)
DRDO, Jodhpur Eu Doped Caso4 RPL Phosphor For Gamma Dosimetry
30. BPP09 ABS0048 Santosh Kumar Yadav U P University Of Medical Sciences, Saifai Etawah, UP Radiation Protection: Which one is first Justification or Optimization?
31. BPP10 ABS0049 Jyoti Yadav U P University Of Medical Sciences, Saifai Etawah, UP Minimizing Radiation Exposure in Radiography: Hazards And Precautions
32. BPP11 ABS0058 Parul Sharma PGIMER, Chandigarh Commissioning of Different Brachytherapy Applicators Provided with Bebig Multisource Brachytherapy Unit
33. BPP12 ABS0034 J P Meena DRDO, Jodhpur Development of Reader System for Superheated Emulsion Neutron Sensor
34. BPP13 ABS0036 Sanasam Suranjit Singh Institutional Biotech Hub, D.M.C. SC, Manipur Assessment of Radiation Dosimetry of Different Type of Houses of Thoubal District, Manipur, India – A Community Health Prospects
35. Day 1 & Day 2
9th & 10th February 2019
PP01 ABS0055 Anuradha Bera DRDO, Jodhpur Self-indicating Radiation Alert Dosimeter for Radiological Emergencies
36. PP02 ABS0018 Mahaveer Singh DRDO, Jodhpur Reciprocity of Gamma Attenuation on Laminated Structure
37. PP03 ABS0037 M. Joyshangkar Singh DM.College of Sciences, Manipur Estimation of Natural Background Radiation Dose Rate in and Around Ukhrul District of Manipur, India
38. PP04 ABS0005 Jain Reji George BRIT/DAE, Mumbai Emergency Handling of a Radiography Camera
39. PP05 ABS0029 Anil Gautam DRDO, Jodhpur Overexposure Investigations In TLD Personnel Monitoring To Defence During 2013-2017
40. PP06 ABS0008 Suman Kumar Putha KMC, Mangalore, Karnataka Simultaneous Measurement of In-Vivo and Mid-Plane Doses with Ionization Chambers in Gynecological Malignancy Patients Undergoing 3D Conformal Radiotherapy
41. PP07 ABS0043 Yamini Yadav U P University of Medical Sciences, Saifai Etawah, UP Radiation Hazards: What is being done?
42. PP08 ABS0046 Neha Gupta U P University of Medical Sciences, Saifai Etawah, UP Radiation Hazards and Leukemia
43. PP09 ABS0020 Jyoti SGT University, New Delhi Management of Accidents & Emergency Situation in Radiation Application Departments
44. PP10 ABS0012 Satish Nigam Nayati Health care and Research PVT LTD, Mathura, U.P Radiation Safety Consideration in Setting Up of Nuclear Medicine Facilities: Awareness of Radiation Protection
45. PP11 ABS0040 Anjali gupta Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences, Saifai Etawah, UP Radiation Hazards in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
46. PP12 ABS0022 Mohit Kumar Dahiya Institute of Public Health and Hygiene, Najafgarh, New Delhi Training and Education Of Radiation Emergency
47. PP13 ABS0039 Anurag Awasthi U P University of Medical Sciences, Saifai Etawah, UP Less Radiation in a Radiology Department than at HOME?
48. PP14 ABS0038 Abhishek Kumar U P University of Medical Sciences, Saifai Etawah, UP Radiation hazards in medical imaging
49. PP15 ABS0044 Anurag Singh Gautam U P University of Medical Sciences, Saifai Etawah, UP The Carcinogenic Hazards of ionizing Radiation in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiology
50. PP16 ABS0025 Shriram Rajurkar D.Y.Patil Education Society, Kolahapur, Maharasthra Prevention and Precautions in Case of Nuclear and Radiological Terrorism
51. PP17 ABS0063 Dilson Lobo KMC, Mangalore, Karnataka Comparison of 3DCRT treatment techniques to the post-mastectomy chest wall – A phantom dosimetric study
52. PP18 ABS0007 Jeevanshu Jain SMS Hospital, Jaipur Radiation Awareness Amongst the Radiation Professionals and Importance of Training Programmes: Evaluation (A Pilot Study)
53. PP19 ABS0067 Lalit Kumar Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Center Influence of Acuros XB (AXB) Algorithm in Deep-Inspiration Breath-Hold (DIBH) Respiratory Techniques Used for the Treatment of Left Breast Cancer.
54. PP20 ABS0068 Kamal Prakash Singhal DRDO, Jodhpur Wide Area Radiological & Nuclear Surveillance (WARNS) System